In Which I Make My Mark as a Fashion Blogger

Hello everyone! My friend Desiree recently came out with a hilarious blog post featuring guys wearing their OUTFIT OF THE DAY #ootd. I tagged along to capture some ~behind the scenes~ footage and also to diversify the content on this blog so that it’s not just about food.

So, one Sunday afternoon, a bunch of us headed to the creepy part of Markham (aka Cathedraltown) for our photo shoot. Abandoned churches are an integral part of elevating a boring, regular person’s style! Unfortunately, we had all parked in some faraway region of the subdivision and, as a result, had to fight our way through the tall, dusty grasslands seen below in order to make it to the church. And then the whole time we were there, I was afraid we would get in trouble for trespassing. I’m pretty sure the cameras were fake and just placed there to scare people, though.

My job was to hold this shiny reflector thing because fashion photo shoots are super professional, but in the end they didn’t even need me because I don’t know why.

I didn’t mind though, because while Desiree and her photographer/boyfriend Clarence took pictures of the models, I took pictures of people standing around taking pictures on their phones. Wow, inception! 

And here are some shots of Des telling Clarence what to do!

I did not take any extra shots of the silly male models because most of them were already very camera-shy and awkward. Plus, I didn’t want to get in Clarence’s way! He is truly a superstar for helping those guys look somewhat relaxed and at ease in those photos.

The final product is here! After each model’s photos, there is a list of where they got their clothes from (because fashion blogs always do that), plus a little statement about their personal style! Give it a read; it made me laugh out loud!  And I don’t always laugh out loud, so that means it was really good. Once Dangerous Dan and I were in a really loud place together so we were texting in person, and then I wrote “Hahah” and he replied, “But you didn’t even laugh out loud.” So if I literally laugh out loud, then that means you really impressed me.

Here is my favourite picture that I took from our photo shoot adventure! Des is smiling and looking fashionable, Justin is being a fancy model, Galvin is drinking a drink oh so confidently, Daniel is done with this modelling business and Lennex just needs to take a break!


Until next time (which is probably never because my clothes aren’t cool enough to be shown on the interwebs),





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