Nature in Hamilton

I am slowly unraveling due to the joys of teaching summer school, so the pictures in this post are from a thousand weekends ago! I went to Hamilton earlier this month (oh, not actually a thousand weekends!) for a very wonderful and restful church retreat, and some friends and I took some time to explore the natural part of the city!

Also, I love Hamilton. It is a pretty cool place and it’s not too far away!

First, we visited Princess Point Trail. We walked along fairly well-kept trails so it didn’t feel too nature-y. But there was a view of the water and the trees and that is enough nature for my city-dwelling soul!

Next was Sam Lawrence Park, to get a view of downtown Hamilton. You also get a nice view of the smoky industrial factories in the distance! There are beautiful flowers and lots of berries here too! A berry got trapped between my foot and my shoe so I stepped on it and it squooshed and it looked like I was bleeding! It was very exciting.

With all the extreme heat warnings around here, it can seem very scary to step foot outside our lovely air-conditioned homes, but soon it will be winter and it may not be as nice to explore nature then! My plan is to go on more walks around the neighbourhood!


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