Last week, I was finally able to try the fancy new Japanese restaurant in downtown Markham. I’m giving downtown Markham 15 to 20 years to actually feel like an urban, mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly area, but it’s already somewhat of a hip hop happening place and it’s pretty fun to visit!

Kiu Japanese Restaurant is on the second floor of the one building in downtown Markham, just across the hallway from the movie theatre.


My friend has a friend who works here, who recommended the Black Sesame Tan Tan Noodle (with extra corn). I’ve written about ramen several times on this blog, but Kiu’s ramen is extra special in that there is an interactive portion to your meal!


We were given a little bowl of black sesame and were told to smash the seeds in order to better bring out the flavour. It smelled great! I tried to incorporate the sesame in two ways. First, I put the noodles into my spoon, then added the sesame onto the noodles. After a few spoonfuls of this, I couldn’t really taste the sesame so I just dumped the whole thing into my bowl, and everything still tasted wonderful!

Overall, I’d say that Kiu is a nice place to go to if you’re on a fancy movie date! (It is definitely the fanciest restaurant in the building!) It’s also less crowded than most other Japanese places in the area. I will definitely return one day, and I shall try their sushi, because I heard that that’s good too.


Kiu Japanese Restaurant / 169 Enterprise Boulevard, Markham / website


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