Pizza in Kensington Market

Last week, Dangerous Dan and I went on an adventure! I needed to maintain my work/life balance, so despite the busyness of the start of the school year, Dangerous Dan and I ventured all the way downtown. I wanted to go to the Kensington Market neighbourhood because I never go out that west!

Our original plan was to go to a fish and chips place, Fresco’s, which had gotten great reviews according to Google. But when we arrived, the place was deserted, which really freaked me out! Now that I am looking again, it seems to be more of a take out place which explains a lot, but it really is quite a ginormous spot and so to me it just looked empty and uninviting.

We continued down the street, hoping to find something else that would satisfy our rumbling bellies, when we stumbled upon the busy, bustling Pizzeria Via Mercanti. (I know, the pictures are horrible! I’m so sorry!)

This little pizza joint was full of people, so I took that as a sign that the food would be delicious! We were ushered into the basement of the restaurant since it was so packed. The basement has no windows but it didn’t feel too stifling or claustrophobic. I enjoyed the large CP24 projected on to the wall. Obviously, it’s important to keep up with the news while you are enjoying a yummy slice of pizza!

The menu was very fancy and Italian, but luckily there were English descriptions! Dangerous Dan and I started off with an appetizer, Frittura di Pesce, a fried calamari and shrimp dish. It was very tasty! Then we shared a Broccoli e Salsiccia pizza. It got Dangerous Dan on this strange rapini craze, but it costs almost $4/kg at the supermarket so no one’s buying that vegetable any time soon. 

We ended off our night with a loooong walk around the city! I was hoping to get some post-immigrant feel or something in Kensington Market, but the neighbourhood is quite different at night time. I did get to see Tom’s Place, which is a wonderful men’s clothing store. I used to listen to Tom talk on Classical 96.3 FM every morning until my commute changed and now I have to miss his little chat with Mike Duncan!

Anyway, I highly recommend a Friday Fun night! It is a lovely way to relax and unwind! The rest of our night included exploring strange public buildings, searching for celebrities at TIFF (unsuccessful), and a nighttime coffee!

Pizzeria Via Mercanti / 188 Augusta Avenue, Toronto / website

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