Wedding Cards

My summer of love is officially over! 

Dangerous Dan and I are still good – what I mean is, I went to what felt like a thousand weddings this year and I now have a break from the lovely celebrations until next spring/summer when my next batch of friends get hitched. 

Friends declaring their love for each other was a great opportunity for me to practice my cardmaking skills! Here we go:

As you can see, I never really know what to put on the front of wedding cards, as evidenced by the “yay” and “hooray.” I will try to be more creative next year.

I will also take this opportunity to give a shout out to my friend Steph! Another friend was getting married the weekend after school started so of course I had no card ready for the happy couple because that whole week, I’d been running around like a headless chicken!!! So, last minute (like 9 pm the night before the wedding) I bought a card from Steph and was able to go to the wedding prepared! 

I love love!


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