Here comes another food post, this time based in Richmond Hill!

For a while, I’ve been bugging Dangerous Dan to take me to Nam, a new Vietnamese restaurant. He went once in the summer when it first opened and didn’t have the most pleasant time because he chose to have hot soup on a 30ยฐ day and the restaurant didn’t have air conditioning. Not sure if the indoor cooling/heating system has straightened itself out, but I was comfortable temperature-wise last night! 

The restaurant has very cool insides and is a lot prettier than other Asian restaurants. There are wooden tables and metal chairs and my chair was even a cool minty turquoise colour! Wow! 

We ordered a number of things for dinner. First, some deep fried pork spring rolls. These were delicious and pretty standard fare! I ordered a large rare beef and beef ball pho which was very big and quite the surprise! It had this smell which I couldn’t quite place but it tasted alright. Dangerous Dan had some chicken curry and he said it tasted okay.

I’m not quite sure if I’ll ever go to Nam again, but it’s a nice place to go to if you want Vietnamese food without the usual hubbub of a regular Asian restaurant. The atmosphere was quite calm and cool and chill and I really liked that!

Nam Vietnamese Restaurant / 9206 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill / Facebook

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