An Afternoon in Gananoque

Last weekend was glorious and the last long weekend for a while! 

My family and I celebrated Thanksgiving by going up to Kingston to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and baby nephew! On Thanksgiving Monday, nothing much was open, so we gallivanted over to the lovely town of Gananoque to hang out. 

We started off with a nice brunch at The Socialist Pig. We actually have eaten here a number of times, but this was the day I decided to document it.

Here are two iterations of the socialist pig (Who is the pig? Why is it a socialist? So many questions!):

The restaurant is connected to a little coffeeshop (which is where my family and I ate last time because there was no more room in the regular seating area) and it’s very cozy. The counter is made of books! And the coffee is delicious!

I had a delicious breakfast sandwich-type thing called the Drive Thru. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos where vloggers go eat brunch and they have avocado in it, so the yummy avocado in my sandwich made me feel super fancy and trendy! I also got sriracha ketchup with my hashbrown! My dad got eggs benedict, my sister got some portobello mushroom thing and I have no idea what my mother got. 

After our delicious meal, I headed across the street to a playground so my nephew could throw stones in the air (oh, kids!). We walked through Confederation Park, which boasts a fountain that my nephew loved, and an assortment of metal sculptures. Also, there was a train!

To end things off, my sister booked a cool helicopter ride for my parents since it was their birthday! (Yes, their birthdays are very close together!) The helicopter ride lasted only 10 minutes but my dad still managed to take some cool photos.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Christmas is next the big holiday so I’m looking forward to that.


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