New York City: FOOD

Woooowwww am I behind! Towards the end of August, I went to beautiful Bermuda and stopped by New York on my way home. I don’t think I’ll be writing any posts about Bermuda because all we did there was lie on the sand and enjoy the water, but New York was SO COOL and I have a lot of things to share! I feel like in my travel posts I always start with food. I went to a bunch of different restaurants but these are the ones I have decided to highlight in this here blog. Don’t ask me why I chose these four; the trip was so long ago and my memory so poor that the majority of the following information will probably be made up.


IPPUDO / 321 West 51st Street / website

My parents and I went to Ippudo on the advice of my brother-in-law. I am not a great food taster (everything tastes delicious to me!), and the ramen was quite yummy here, but tasted pretty similar to something I might find in Toronto. The little pork buns, however, were ridiculously good and maybe that is why the ramen seemed just mediocre in comparison. There is also another location; maybe that one is more exciting!


JOE’S SHANGHAI / 9 Pell Street / website

My mom read about this restaurant in some “best places to eat in New York” article that she probably found on a touristy website. I enjoyed being in Chinatown after spending the day in and around tourist-filled Times Square. For some reason though, Chinatown was pretty much shut down and nothing was open and it was getting dark, which made finding the restaurant a bit of a challenge! When we finally arrived, there was a very long line to get into the restaurant. The windows were plastered with extremely good reviews and also warnings against sneaky restaurants which had stolen the good name of Joe (“We only have 3 locations! Any other location that is called ‘Joe’s Shanghai’ is not affiliated with us!”).

We waited quite a long time, but finally made it into the restaurant, where we were seated at a large circular table with several other parties. There was one family in particular at our table that kept asking for teriyaki chicken, so that was kind of entertaining.

The food was delicious but (again) quite similar to what’s available in Toronto. Joe’s Shanghai is known for their xiao long baos (soup dumplings) but everything else was pretty standard. Basically, I’m saying that there is no need to eat here if you are from a place where there is an abundance of tasty Chinese cuisine!


SHAKE SHACK / 691 8th Avenue / website

How can you visit New York and not go to Shake Shack?! Shake Shack is basically synonymous with New York City. I was very excited to try the burgers here (I had had a milkshake from Shake Shack a few years prior), but I made a grave mistake this time around.

Normally, Shake Shack has a crazy long line. When I arrived, the line was pretty short, but for some reason I kept thinking that I would hold people up if I didn’t make my decision quickly! So, in my haste, I ordered … the ‘shroom burger. HOW COULD I HAVE GOTTEN A MEATLESS BURGER FROM SHAKE SHACK?! I don’t even like veggie burgers unless I add bacon to them. In the end, all was resolved because my burger actually tasted great! Also, I got a milkshake and that was super yummy as well.


TACOMBI / 267 Elizabeth Street / website

Tacombi had the coolest eating experience of all. Just look at my photos!

The restaurant itself was really cool because we were in a garage and there was a guy inside that red van just making tacos! The food was also SO GOOD. We got chips and guacamole, a wide assortment of tacos, and we enjoyed some yummy fruit juices, which were very refreshing on such a hot day!

So that is what I ate while in New York! Links to the websites are scattered all over the page, and the addresses listed are the locations I visited. Please enjoy and eat responsibly!



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