A Prayer of Gratitude

I’m a younger sibling. As such, I have an extremely responsible older sister, and I, as the younger, am carefree, lazy … and spoiled silly by my parents! I often feel spoiled by God as well. I live a life with no real problems.

I’ve been riding this high for a while, and I don’t know when God is going to send me crashing back down to earth, but in this moment, I am thankful.

David sums up my thoughts and feelings quite well in his Prayer of Gratitude (2 Samuel 7:18:-29). David didn’t even have a life free of worries (he’d spent a good amount of time on the run like a fugitive, his best friend died, his wife hated him, etc.), and he still prayed this prayer!

Who am I, that You have brought me thus far? What have I done to deserve all of these good things? I am no one special, and I have done absolutely nothing to deserve God’s love. But He carries me through this life simply because He is good.

What more can I say to You? All I can do is say thankyouthankyouthankyou a hundred million times over, and that still isn’t enough. I want to show my gratitude to God in my daily actions, in the things I say to people, in every aspect of my life. I fail all the time at this, but I will keep saying thank you to God for forever.

You know me better than I know myself! I am so thankful that God knows me personally. He knows what I need, and He provides at exactly the right time!

You are great, there is none like You. No one else can do the things God does, and I’m so glad He’s on my side!

According to Your own heart, You have brought about all this greatness, to make me know it. Because of God’s love, He fills my life with His glory and goodness (Friendships! Nature! Random things that make laugh and feel all warm and fuzzy inside!). God is present and I can’t forget it. I need to be constantly reminded of God’s greatness because I am so easily distracted, and I honestly pray that I will never forget how good God is.

I am Yours forever, and Your name will be magnified forever. Romans 8:38-39 tells me that there is nothing in or out of this world that can separate me from the love of God. I am His forever, and I will spend the rest of my life trying to bring glory to His name, so that people would know how good my God is!

Things are a-okay right now [insert the 100 points emoji here], but I really hope that I do not toss these feelings aside when things get rough. I want to pray this prayer always. It is a given and it is fact: God is good and He loves me!

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)



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