Juniper Cafe

A few years ago, the province of Ontario tried to come up with excuses for holidays and so the result was Family Day, to be held on the second Monday of February, an otherwise cold and dreary month. For Family Day this year, my parents and I headed up to Kingston to spend time with my sister and her family!

Once we arrived, my sister took us to theΒ Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, which was having an exciting Artstravaganza to celebrate Family Day. We listened to music, watched people do arts and crafts, pottery, and weaving, and we even saw kids performing in a little ballet recital!

We also ate at Juniper Cafe, which is located on the bottom floor of the Tett Centre, by the lake. It was cool and hipster and packed with people! The cafe had a very cozy feel to it.

My sister got some healthy-looking sandwich, while my parents and I each got a vegetable chowder. It was hearty and full of potatoes! I also got a hot chocolate which was super yummy, mostly due to the slight hint of peppermint from the fluffy marshmallow that the servers plopped into my drink.

The great thing about the cafe is that it’s right on the water. People were throwing stones into the lake to see how far they’d slide on the ice. Arts, warm beverages, and nature – such a great way to spend my Family Day holiday!

Juniper Cafe / Tett Centre, 370 King Street West, Kingston, Ontario /Β website


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