Lights, lights, lights!

Apparently, winter light shows are the new, trendy thing! I was lucky enough to visit two light festivals this winter. My experiences at both events were quite positive so I shall do a quick recap here, with plenty of pictures!!!! (Also, I am posting this wayyy after I went to both festivals – Lumina Borealis is still running for the rest of this week, and Toronto Light Festival just finished this past weekend. OOPS. I’m sorry!)


During a quick trip to Kingston, my family and I visited Fort Henry to experience the exciting new light festival, Lumina Borealis. I really enjoyed the historic venue of the festival. Honestly, I don’t know how much the tickets cost because my lovely sister purchased them on our behalf.

What I really liked about Lumina Borealis was that there was one specific path that we had to follow. We started off just outside the fort, where there was a gift shop, as well as hot chocolate and warming stations! Next, we were allowed inside the fort, walking through the different exhibits: icy-looking things; glowing trees; bouncing animals projected onto the fort walls; campfire things with colourful images.

Another thing about Lumina Borealis was that it was interactive. There was one part of the festival that had microphones all lined up. Our goal was to scream/sing into the microphones, which would then change the beautiful, wavy, colourful lines that appeared on the walls. It was fun! The microphones were also adjusted to different heights so that the activity was kid-friendly as well. At the end of the walk, there was more screaming in microphones which was very exciting. There was also a ball-throwing game where we had to try to hit certain points on the wall. Basically, we ended the night by screaming and throwing balls, which was really fun and hilarious!


Ah, another thing to do at Toronto’s famed Distillery District! The festival was free this year, but I foresee this event costing money in the future (which happened with the Toronto Christmas Market). There were quite a few more people at Toronto Light Festival than at Lumina Borealis, so the squishiness did put a small damper on our experience. Nevertheless, it was still a good time! The Toronto Light Festival had a lot more art installations than Lumina Borealis, but because there wasn’t a set path to follow, my friends and I weren’t sure if we’d covered everything (we’re not so great at reading maps!).

There were some interactive moments at this festival too: taking pictures with butterfly wings and posting them on instagram; sitting in cocoons that look like Wall-E’s eyes; running back and forth underneath motion-sensor lights to make them spin and make noises; and we watched a kid bike so that an illuminated animation would move.

All in all, I had lots of fun being outdoors with my friends. (I really don’t get out much.) I’d recommend a visit at least once in your life! Until then, enjoy the snow and the cold before beautiful spring arrives!




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