Bean Around the World

I love a good pun! 

Even though I’ve lived in Markham for basically my whole life, and I went to school in the area, not once have I set foot in Bean Around the World.

The coffeeshop has a nice open space, complete with a tiny stage for open mic nights. There is lots of seating so it’s a great place to visit with a group of friends. Unfortunately, the plug situation is not so great, so I’d recommend a good charge on your laptop before heading over. 

I got a Mocha and it tasted pretty standard. Nothing really to comment on so I’ll just end this sentence here. (Serious question: How many people go to coffeeshops for the coffee? I personally go for the ambience and because I am extremely unproductive at home. Others go to coffeeshops for instagram.) 

Latte heart! 

The staff at Bean Around the World is truly amazing. They really care! My friend got a tea and one of the staff told her, “That tea bag is excellent quality; it can give you two tasty cups of tea with just one bag! Ask us for more water when you want that second cup!”

Another barista was obsessed with making sure everyone’s coffees were just as they desired. Let me tell you of an encounter I witnessed between the barista and a customer (with some added flair):

“Here, have a quick taste to double check that the sugar and milk levels are exactly as you want them!” the barista said excitedly. The girl took a sip of her drink. A slight grimace on the girl’s face indicated to the barista that he needed to add more foamy milk. (Actually, I think she just told him that she wanted more milk.)

The barista carefully poured that fluffy goodness into the girl’s cup. In his excitement and enthusiasm, however, the foam flowed too quickly, running over the sides of the cup and creating a white pool of milk on the table. 

“OH MY GOODNESS ME!” the barista screamed. “I AM SO SORRY!!!” He apologized profusely while fervently cleaning up the milky lava that had just erupted from the girl’s latte volcano. 

The barista cleaned up the mess, apologized once more, and the girl calmly brought her drink back to her table. 

Later on, I heard that same barista ask another customer to take a sip of his drink … 

Bean Around the World / 5762 Highway 7 East, Unit 3, Markham, Ontario / website

P.S. I am so sorry for that weird story; I was heading downtown and I had to do something exciting while I was on the subway!!!


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