Tips for Eating at Grand Electric

On a brisk Friday night in what was supposed to be springtime, Dangerous Dan and I shared a delicious meal at Grand Electric in Toronto. Here are some tips if you are in Parkdale Village and decide to eat at this hip and cool restaurant/bar. (I feel like I need to use a wider variety of adjectives.)

1. Go on a nice day!

If you’re going for dinner, the wait can get pretty long and there isn’t really any room to wait inside. Thus, you will need to bide your time outside, exploring all the goodness the neighbourhood has to offer!! If you do end up needing to wait and the weather is bad, a public library and a Dollarama are across the street.

2. Dress in layers.

It was so cold outside and then we went inside and it was so hot. 

3. Order some chips to share.

I love tortilla chips at Mexican restaurants! They are obviously so much better than Tostitos (although I can finish a bag of Tostitos on my own, no problem). We got the Chips and Dip. It came with guacamole, onions, salsa, and refried beans with cheese. The onions will transform your breath into a monster so be aware. And I don’t normally like beans at all but these were so good, and the consistency was like hummus, rather than a lumpy, mushy mess. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

4. Don’t go for the insta…

… unless you are sitting by the window or it is daytime. As evidenced by my terrible pictures, the lighting is not very good. I also don’t put much effort into my photos, so maybe that is why my pictures are not great – like what is #vscocam? Is that still a thing?! Nevertheless, I stand by my tip, even though I feel like I first heard of Grand Electric through instagram!

5. Eat your own food. (Except the chips … see #3.)

Dangerous Dan got a quesadilla and I got two tacos. Usually, I reprimand Dangerous Dan if we go out and get the same menu item, because if we get the same thing then we don’t get to try more dishes! This cannot be a problem at Grand Electric, because it is just impossible to share a taco or a quesadilla with someone without looking like a burrito exploded in your face. It just would’ve been really messy. So eat your own food, order a bunch of different tacos for yourself, and don’t worry about the person you’re eating with! 

Grand Electric Toronto / 1330 Queen Street West, Toronto / website


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