Nonna’s Oven

Hello, friends! Today’s post brings you to the wild land of Richmond Hill, where I recently embarked on a pasta eating adventure.

I’d actually eaten Nonna’s Oven before (the food, not an actual oven owned by a nonna!). My friend got takeout from here, as the over-the-counter service makes it extremely easy to take their food and bring it home. Anyway, this time around, I decided to eat in the restaurant. Get ready for some terrible pictures of beautiful noodles!


I don’t even know if these were for sale or for show. They’re cute, though.

I visited the restaurant with four other friends, and we got five dishes, which was just enough! We started off with some fried calamari. The chipotle mayo and marinara sauce were excellent! I preferred the marinara.


Then, we shared two pizzas and two pastas. The Hawaiian Inferno pizza was quite delicious, although most of the table had to pick off the hot banana peppers because they were just insane. The Prosciuttina pizza was described by a friend as “cheese bread with leaves and ham on top.” I will say that the leafy greens were a nice way to balance out the heaviness of all of our other foods! The parmesan cheese shavings also added a nice nuttiness to the pizza! (Also, according to wikipedia, parmesan cheese is “King of Cheeses.” That is pretty cool!)

We got the Nonna’s Homemade Lasagna and Pasta Carbonara as well. Truly delicious! Pretty good sauce to noodle ratio too – you don’t want anything to be too dry or soggy.

If you are ever in the neighbourhood and fancy some Italian cuisine, Nonna’s Oven is a good choice! It’s comfy and cozy, and a great place to enjoy a meal!


Nonna’s Oven / 1285 Elgin Mills Road, Units 7 and 8, Richmond Hill / website



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