Kingston Coffee Crawl

This past weekend, I went to Kingston with some friends to celebrate my former housemate’s upcoming wedding! It was a really fun weekend full of food, drinks, and memories of undergrad. I was especially thankful for our meaningful chats that reminded me of God’s goodness and provision in each of our lives. (There were seven of us in total – six bridesmaids and one blushing bride!)

The bride-to-be loves coffee, so we went on a tour of some coffee places in the downtown core. (No time to visit all of the cafes … we had other bridal things to do!) Here is a list along with my thoughts! Please enjoy!

THE SMALL BATCH / 282 Princess Street, Kingston / facebook

The Small Batch was the smallest cafe that we visited, full of two-person seating, though the staff doesn’t mind if you move some tables or chairs around. The plugs lined along the wall also make it a nice spot to study – great for students! (When I was in Kingston for school, there were very few options for alternative study spots. Now, there are so many cute little coffeeshops; the students today are super lucky!)


I cannot comment on the quality of the drinks because I didn’t order anything, but according to my friends, the drinks were “okay.”


CRAVE / 166 Princess Street, Kingston / facebook

I’ve been to Crave before, and it’s always been a pleasant experience! I ordered an iced mocha, and it was super yummy! I asked the barista for more ice and she happily complied – really friendly staff!


The cafe goes in really deep so there is a lot of seating. Lots of people were studying and working.


My friends and I, on the other hand, spent our time at Crave playing a fun game where we answered personal questions (some silly, some deep!). We also spent some time affirming and encouraging the beautiful bride-to-be. From now on, every time I pass by Crave, I’ll be reminded of this wonderful memory! I’m so blessed to know these ladies who love Christ and truly want to live their lives for Him. He’s transformed us so much since we first met in our first year of university.

NORTHSIDE ESPRESSO + KITCHEN / 281 Princess Street, Kingston / website

If we had known about the “+ Kitchen” part of this cafe, we probably would have had our breakfast here! Regardless, Northside Espresso is really good, even if you go just for the coffee and/or photo-taking opportunities. (But next time I go, I am eating the food because it sounds so good and the prices are quite reasonable!)

Northside is an Instagrammers paradise. A dreamland. A mecca to which all photographers must make their pilgrimage. It’s just so pretty! Here, I attempt to frame some photos as an Instagrammer would:


The coffee is really good too! We needed help translating the menu because the coffee terminology was just too advanced for us, but everyone enjoyed their drinks. I got a really warm and yummy mocha (I’m so boring), and my friend got a Melbourne Iced Mocha, which was basically what I got but cold and with vanilla ice cream and a fun striped straw! Another menu item that deserves to be mentioned is the Clouds and Mountains, a vanilla ice cream/chocolate brownie concoction served on a smooth wooden slab.


Thank you for the wonderful weekend, Kingston! The sun was shining, adventures were had, and lots and lots of coffee was consumed.


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