The First Tim Hortons Ever!

Last weekend, I attempted to not celebrate the signing of the British North America Act. This weekend, I reversed that by visiting a most Canadian spot: the first Tim Hortons location EVER, which opened on May 17, 1964. Enjoy the terrible photos!

This Tim Hortons is in Hamilton, and, according to my friend, used to look gross! But they recently underwent a renovation.

I got a yummy iced coffee, then headed upstairs which is almost like a Tim Hortons museum.

This is what Tim Hortons used to look like.

Here are some of the displays. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much time to peruse them! The wall displays went in chronological order, from the 1960s to the present.

Here are some uniforms from the past! (The colour seems to have stayed the same!)

Finally, a Tim Horton statue which is right outside! Tim Horton started this business as a way to supplement his income during the hockey off-season. I guess hockey players were paid a little bit less than they are now.


P.S. I was embarrassingly old (at least in my preteen years) before I realized that timbit is not a real word … it is just “Tim” and “bit” put together.

Tim Hortons / 65 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton

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