The chronology of this blog is a mess! I moved on from Canada Day but now I am back, ready to share some of the things I ate while in Ottawa! (Actually, I didn’t document very well because I was having so much fun, so I’m only going to share about one restaurant. Oops!)

Fauna is a cute little restaurant that was probably the cleanest and healthiest place we ate at throughout the entire weekend! The decor is on the darker side but the large windows let in a lot of light, which for some reason made me feel like I was eating at a very fancy restaurant!

The food was excellent! After having eaten lots of (still delicious) fried food, my meal at Fauna was a wonderful break from all the meat and oil. I got a potato gnocchi which was so delicious! The pesto was really good and I honestly don’t know what I ate in that sea of green, but I really appreciated the vegetables and they tasted amazing! My cousin got fish cakes which she enjoyed, and I stole a few of my sister’s mussels which were also very tasty.

I would definitely come back to eat here again. The food is clean but still substantial, so you feel satisfied without having a tummy ache. The waitresses were really nice, and I think one of them even knew a nearby customer’s order off by heart! (He was probably a regular.) There’s also a cute bookstore across the street which literally had mountains and alleyways and crevices made up of old and new books, and it’s a great place to hang out, which is what my sister, cousin, and I did while we waited for the restaurant to open.

Fauna / 425 Bank Street, Ottawa / website

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