Black Gold Cafe

A new coffeeshop has opened up in the unlikely neighbourhood of Agincourt in Scarborough! Black Gold Cafe is housed in a plaza that has mostly medical services, but the weird location hasn’t stopped people from visiting! The cafe was pretty packed when I went, and I spent literally the entire afternoon there!

There is a lot of seating, for individuals and groups. I would say that the number of plugs is sufficient, but it’s still a good idea to charge your devices before visiting for a study party. Another note: it’s pretty frigid in the cafe, so make sure to bring a sweater! There are also huge windows that let in a whole lot of light on a sunny day, so if you forget to bring a sweater, just sit there!

In terms of the food, the food is delicious. I got a cajun chicken sandwich because it seemed like the most substantial menu item. It was full of stuff – chicken, cheese, red peppers, tomato, lettuce, onion … and it tasted really good! The bread was perfectly crispy! I also got a mochaccino, which was the perfect antidote to the coldish temperature. It was a little bit small and quite chocolatey, but it still warmed me up! There’s also a whole case of baked goods, which I may try on another day. Finally, there is a medium-sized jug of lemon/lime ice water with cups that customers can fill and refill to their heart’s content! I appreciated this a lot because I am trying to drink more water.

I really enjoyed my visit to Black Gold Cafe! It’s refreshing to visit independent coffeeshops. I’m not a huge coffee fanatic (I go to coffeeshops to get work done), but this place seems legit because one of the staff members was meeting with a coffee bean supplier while I was there! So you know that these people mean serious business. Another thing – the staff here are all very friendly and I felt so important every time I interacted with one of them! Gold stars all around.

P.S. Other independent coffeeshops that I’ve visited: Alchemy, Covernotes, and places in Kingston!

P.P.S. I always get mochas … should I diversify? I’m afraid of change.

Black Gold Cafe / 2101 Brimley Road, Scarborough / website


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