Lobster’s Salute

A few weekends ago, Dangerous Dan decided to try a new restaurant that had been on my radar for the past few weeks due to its location (on a busy main road) and its bright orange signage (wow!). 

Seafood is becoming very exciting and popular in the Greater Toronto Area, but Lobster’s Salute is a bit more special because it focusses only on lobster! The menu is very simple: lobster bisque, lobster roll, lobster pasta, and then also an assortment of desserts. Several different types of drinks are offered too.

Dangerous Dan and I both got a large lobster roll combo ($3 more to add a drink and fries) with a “hearty warm” flavour. The large roll has two lobster tails and the small only has one. At first, I was put off by the price, but then Dangerous Dan reminded me that lobster is expensive and supposed to be fancy food. Everything tasted really good; the fries were crunchy and I finished the coleslaw! 

All in all, Lobster’s Salute is a nice (if pricey) place to visit if you want a quick bite to eat. 

Lobster’s Salute / 4580 Highway 7, Unit 2, Markham / website


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