My name is Claire and this little corner of the interweb is where I write about my life! I just graduated from university but look like I should be in high school, which is a problem because I am a high school teacher. Other things you should know about me: I love Jesus, social situations energize and exhaust me in equal measure, and I don’t remember life before my nephew was born because I’m so obsessed with him.

I feel terrible about being so narcissistic that I have a whole blog dedicated to myself and the (somewhat) exciting (not really) things that I do, but blogging is FUN so I suppose I’ll be sticking around for a while.

Here is a list of things you may find around this blog.

  • Things that God is teaching me. He saved me from my sins through the death of Jesus Christ and so I need to share how He is changing and shaping my life!
  • Pictures of cards. Some may be prettier than others.
  • Stories from my travels. I used to travel more, but lately, my parents have forgotten to bring me.
  • Food. Not real food, because I don’t think science has gone that far yet. But I love to eat and sometimes I take pictures and post them here. And occasionally I cook.
  • My reflections on teaching. Teaching is sometimes difficult but mostly fun.

P.S. The picture attached to this post is of an alpaca that I met in South America.


2 thoughts on “HELLO!

  1. Jamie Ng says:

    Dear Claire, Thanks for some great reads and pictures! I enjoy your outlook on life and encourage you to keep at it. Hope your year is filled with as much joy as you bring to others! I look forward to reading more posts. Love, Jamie

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